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Re: Which Sci-Fi shows have aged the best?

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It was the final episode of Galactica 1980, which wasn't a season of BSG (despite how it was sometimes syndicated), but in fact a sequel series that was commissioned by the network after BSG's cancellation, in an attempt to amortize the cost of the show's sets, costumes, FX footage, etc. by recycling them in what they hoped would be a much cheaper show. None of the creative staff actually wanted to make it, and there was no inspiration behind it, so it was utterly horrible; so at the end, Larson just abandoned it altogether and went back to writing about Starbuck, and the result was possibly the best episode of the entire original franchise.
I never new the back story on that. It's amazing they could crank out such bad stories but have this gem hidden in the rubble. Yes, the Starbuck episode with the Cylon re-named 'Cy,' by Starbuck was the original BSG's best episode.

Anyone who hasn't seen it should.

BTW, Wiki has this interesting tidbit about a sequel to that episode that was never made:

Starbuck's fate remained unknown as the series was cancelled after the episode's production. A follow-on episode "The Wheel of Fire" was scripted but never produced. The script for "The Wheel of Fire" reveals that Starbuck is eventually rescued from the planet by the Seraphs, the inhabitants of the Ship of Lights, of which Angela was one. The entire affair had been set up by the Seraphs as a test of Starbuck's worthiness to join them.
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