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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Even watching the episodes back-to-back sometimes it's still unclear to me how much time has passed.

So if that's true we are lead to believe Shane and Lori hooked up days after she thought Rick was dead - they go to the Hwy - Rick wakes up - and eventually within less than 3 weeks they all meet up again?
But the above isn't the impression the viewer is left with - at least the impression I got. I thought Rick was in a coma for a long time - perhaps a month [even though that isn't medically possible for him to survive that long] and then things move forward.
The series is all over the place on a realistic handling of time, and your Lori/Shane example is great proof. If Rick was not in a coma for long, then the Shane/Lori hook up is just plain disgusting, as both did not wait long to step over Rick's absent body.

On the other hand, if Rick was out for an extended amount of time (allowing Lori to think he was dead, and had been for some time), how did he survive when zombies had their way around town? Anyone laid out in a room would be no better than hot lunch on a craft services table.
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