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Re: Do you believe there is someone for every person?

While a lot of true things have been said here, I think it's important to put individuals above concepts. Relationships, soul mates, destiny-- these things are abstract notions that are applied to living people, sometimes appropriately, sometimes inappropriately, and usually after the fact. There are many people who deserve to be loved and who will love you, and who are compatible with you to a greater or lesser degree-- if you simply appreciate them for who they are then your relationship will find its natural state. And that state may fall outside social norms or expectations. It's possible to love someone-- it's possible to love many someones-- and yet not be suited to live with them. The story of your life is not written in advance. It's best to just live it openly and meet people without prejudice; let them take their place in your world in a natural way, and yours in theirs.
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