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Re: Sword of Damocles -- comments & opinions ****SPOILERS*****

Actually I hesitated between opening a new topic or using an old one. I said "an old one" because there are already a few topics about Sword of Damocles and I chose the bigger one, in order to try to group the reviews. I thought it was better for me to use the old one, because my 2 cents opinion on Sword of Damocles alone in a topic is maybe not very intersting. I don't want to open a debate, particularly here, as it's not the good topic. What is sure is that I have the same concern for other books. I finished Last Full Measure and The Good That Men Do and I don't know if I have to open a new topic each time I want to give my opinion about a book. And because currently I'm mostly reading books published around 2007-2008 I will have the same concern each time. What do you prefer, moderators? To open a topic to discuss this subject or it isn't open to debate and in this case just tell me what you prefer, new topic or old topic and I will do as you say. I'm new on this board, so I absolutely don't want to create problem.
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