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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Alexander Siddig. AKA Julian Bashir.
B is for Bajoran jumja stick. Kira loved them.
C is for Cheese.
D is for Denobula Triaxa.
E is for Excalbia.
F is for Ferengi Salvage Code. Marauder and other deep space crews tended to follow it to the letter.
G is for God Slayer. Jim Kirk was one.
H is for Harriman. Surname of at least two prominent Starfleet officers of the late 23rd and early 24th centuries.
I is for Inverse Tachyon Pulse. This procedure accidentally resulted in the creation of an anti-time anomaly.
J is for Jolene Blalock. Aka T'Pol. If there ever was a 'Miss Vulcan' contest. She'd win.
K is for Klingon Empire, one of the great military powers in the history of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants and the primary foe of the Federation for generations.
L is for Locutus of Borg. Resistance... is futile.
M is for the Mars Defense Perimeter. The Borg cut through it like a hot knife through butter.
N is for Nine, Seven of Nine. When she asked Harry if he wished to copulate. The correct answer should have been "YES!"
O is for "Oh my". Jim Kirk's final words.
P is for Peter Preston. Scotty's nephew by way of his younger sister. One of the first victims of Khan's wrath.
Q is for Quantum torpedoes away!
R is for the Ro-mu-lan Empire. T'Pol: "It's pronounced Rom-u-lan"
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