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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

My readings so far this year are:
"The Statesman's Book" by John of Salisbury which I mentioned in my last post.

"Timaeus and Critias" by Plato this was translated by Desmond Lee with an appendix on 'Atlantis' wherein it is suggested Plato was the first science fiction writer.

"The Being of the Beautiful" Part I: Theaetetus by Plato translated with commentary by Seth Benardete.

"Only Superhuman" by Christopher L. Bennett -- this book inspired me to study a few interesting themes: Beauty & Truth, Demagoguery & Statesmanship, and, Eugenics. Human modification.

"Ragnarok" by A. S. Byatt (not the VOY book). The eschatology and commentary on myth were interesting.

"As We Speak" by Peter Meyers & Shann Nix. A good book on public speaking. Helps connect the dots from modern communications technology and methods towards what may happen in various futures.

"The Being of the Beautiful" Part II: Sophist by Plato and translated with commentary by Seth Benardete. Challenging trilogy.

"Across the Universe" by Sargent & Zebrowski. This is ST-TOS #88 and was my first ST novel of the year. I shall have to catch up. Did buy many novels in hardcopy and e-copy formats.

"Essays in Eugenics" by Francis Galton. Got the book from internet archives but while looking up the author, I got onto a comprehensive Nazi website. Historians would love it but I was a bit perturbed. At least eugenics makes an interesting Valentine topic.

Now I am to read "Being of the Beautiful" Part III: Statesman by Plato translated with commentary by Seth Benardete; and, "The Joy Machine" by James Gunn based on the story by Theodore Sturgeon. ST-TOS #80.
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