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Re: SeaQuest DSV Teaser

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You know how random, silly things get stuck in your head from your childhood? So I was a young teen when SeaQuest DSV first aired. And I remember the teaser promo that came on in the month(s) prior to the premiere. It was very simple. There was a father and son (possibly a mother too) on the beach. The son looks out at the ocean. The father sees him looking out and says something like, "What is it, son? What do you see out there?" Then there is a slow motion close-up of the kid's eyes with some ethereal music/sounds underneath. At the end there was probably some text on the screen that said "SeaQuest: coming this fall on NBC."

This was a very simple promo, but it got me so excited about the show as a teenager for some reason. I was always disappointed that they didn't use and expand on that clip from the teaser as part of the story when the show aired, like a flashback for Bridger or something. Am I alone? Does anybody else remember this promo? I tried to find it on youtube because there are often obscure commercials and promos there, but no luck. I'm sure it sounds ridiculous, but when you're a kid things sometimes seem more epic than they really are so that might be playing into it. Anyway, somehow I never forgot that promo.
There are a couple of SeaQuest promos that I remember:

And I watched the show religiously, but I don't remember that promo, sorry.

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