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Re: "Best of both Worlds" - Special Bluray Release

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I think they could do this with Unification as well. I am certain there are alot of people who would want Spock's appearance who would not want the full season.
Perhaps, but "Best of Both Worlds" makes a much easier sell as a standalone "ooh, I'm pretty in HD" title.
Unification doesn't have the visual action side of Trek, that might appeal to more casual fans. Certainly in my opinion the quality of the writing on those two aren't even close to Best of Both Worlds (though the Sarek scene is one of my favorite scenes of all of Trek).

Really visually the klingon two parter I could see, even Descent I & II (Boy part two was awful). But really I am not a huge fan of the separate releases. But in this case, I am absolutely sold. IF another episode gets a ton of attention (even in a separate release), I would really like it to be All Good Things. Not only a beautifully written two hour episode, its also features a little action, and a lot of various visuals that would look pretty nice. Not to mention the more behind the scenes of that episode the better in my book.

On a pure action, visual level Redemption one and two would probably be the next best.
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