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Re: Episode of the week: 2x03 "Elementary, Dear Data

It's funny how this rewatch is making me re-evaluate my "favourites", some episodes I remember as being poor are actually very good and some I remember fondly are now a bit "meh". This one falls into the latter category.

It is half an hour into the episode until we're given any problem for our crew to overcome and, as already pointed out, the resolution seems a little hashed. Picard tells Moriarty there is nothing they can do and that is the end of that.

I too noticed that Geordi acted a little harshly. His mannerisms and treatment of Data reminded me of a little boy with a "It's my ball, I'm taking it home" mentality. It is also a little worrying that a simple slip of the tongue can create such a potentialy fatal problem on the Enterprise.

What was the purpose of getting Worf "suited-up"?

I'll skip my usual nit-picks as this episode is well documented, but one observation. When Picard enters Moriarty's lair and Pulaski gets up from the couch, the way she does so makes it appear that she's been getting "stuffed" with more than just "crumpets".

London and the period costumes looked great in HD though I doubt I'll be watching this one again any time soon.
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