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Re: Sci-Fi TV Shows that you're pretty sure only you watched.

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I saw every Space: 1999 episode in first run syndication. It was definitely less popular than Star Trek, which meant that only one or two others my age at my school also watched it, the truly hardcore sci-fi geeks. At least Star Trek picked up more casual viewers.
By the time 1999 ran here it was the only SciFi on TV (the days of public broadcasting monopoly) and ALL the boys at school loved it - We'd even collect and swap chewing-gum cards with pictures from the series.

When ST ran (on a German channel) it was pretty much the same thing (except for the chewing gum).
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I'm sure many people on here have seen Space 1999 but when I was growing up I knew of no one else that watched the show.
I remember the shape-changing chick from Season Two, but that's about it . . .
Bummer! -she's the main reason the second series sucked
Not if you had a crush on her...
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