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Re: Philip Dick's Man in the High Castle coming to Syfy

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Its considered a classic. That said, and as an alt-hist reader, I found it "meh" at best. There are better stories out there. The Coming of the Quantum Cats springs to mind, as does Alternities and the work of Paul McAuley.

As for Skiffy doing a mini-series from MITHC, well, its Skiffy

Thanks for the advice. I love reading historical fiction, and figured this could be my gateway to alternate history fiction. I'll still read it, but I'll keep that in mind. There was a really cool movie based on a book that looked at Germany having won and the world that it ended up being. It was Fatherland.
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Anyway, those are just a few suggestions.

Thanks for the list I'll definitely have a look at those. I've heard a lot of good stuff about Turtledove, so that looks like a good starting point. I think in a way, Alt-Hist is a good way to excersize the mind, forcing your mind to look at things differently.

There was Poul Anderson Sci-Fi that I read a couple of years back that I don't think really qualifies as alt-history, but it had aliens visiting Earth during the crusades. That was great fun.
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