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Re: What games are you playing currently?

I just finished Crysis 2 again in anticipation of Crysis 3 coming out. Played Crysis again and Crysis Warhead for the first time before that. Crysis 2 didn't seem so bad back when it first came out. But it had been years since I had played the first Crysis.

Coming off of other corridor shooters, the amount of choices in how you approached each objective was like returning to my old school favorites. Playing it again immediately after finishing Crysis again, and then Warhead, it feels like one of those other corridor shooters with some nifty powers. Still a fun game, but nowhere near as much so as the first one. There needs to be a much bigger sandbox to play in. I'm hoping 3 will be more open, but expecting it not to be since it will also be released on consoles.

Crysis still looks great after 5 years. Crysis 2 looks pretty good with mods, but vanilla is rather meh, even with the DX11 patch.

I've also been working my way through Far Cry 3. The story is fairly dumb, but the rest of the game has been quite good. Most of the systems work pretty well, like the skinning, which is actually useful to your character, and the towers to clear the map. I've been having a blast doing a lot of the side missions, like hunting tigers with a bow, and taking enemy hideouts.

I'm still deciding what to play next. I was hoping the Crysis playthroughs would take a bit longer. Maybe Rage or Doom 3? I'm in a shooter mood lately.
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