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If there is to be a new pope, he or she should be one...
No need to be PC.

There will be a new pontiff.
He will be a he.

Accidental Haiku!
Nice one.
I wasn't "trying" to be PC. I was simply expressing my view that the role should be open to whomever best serves it, regardless of gender. I don't expect it to actually be a woman, at least not yet, but I do believe it should be a woman, eventually, and that there is no good reason for it not to be, ever.
There may have already been a woman pope.

But it doesn't seem to actually do that, does it? In fact, the way the media portrays it, the Church seems to be more riddled with human failings than the rest of non-religious society at large. A lot of that may be schadenfreude - we enjoy tearing down those who set themselves up above us - but it certainly seems to me that the Church is mostly about holding onto its own power, the same as any large and powerful institution, and not about serving God in anything other than name and appearance.

Well, that certainly seems to be coming dangerously close to accusing gay men of being child molesters.
Allow people to express their genuine sexuality in normal ways, and it doesn't come out in abnormal ways directed at the vulnerable and dependent people.
Exactly. While some ministers do commit sinful acts against their congregations, it seems to be much more prevalent in the Catholic Church than others. The Catholic Church has also had a pattern of quiet acceptance-- even complicity-- of pedophilia.
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The role of the church is not to please men, but to please God.
I don't think God wants them to hide the pedophiles amongst their ranks.
Nazi Pope? Give me a fucking break. Joseph Ratzinger was CONSCRIPTED into the ranks. He joined because he had no choice. He was not enthusiastic or even willing - he refused to attend any party meetings. And he deserted at the earliest opportunity.
There is always a choice. Many martyrs have died for their beliefs... and the Catholic Church calls them Saints. Ratzinger took the easy way out. This makes him a coward. The same coward who protects pedophile priests, rather than subject them to punishment by law enforcement.

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