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Re: Indiana Jones and the Magic Fridge

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Aliens crosses a line, but not the spirits of God? THAT is to much to accept?
Well yeah, because even if you're not a believer, it's not that hard to buy the idea of the Ark of the Covenant (if it were to ever be found) containing some kind of dark and ancient and mysterious power.
I believe in the context of the movie, sure. But in real life? dark and ancient and mysterious powers are hogwash.

The whole "ancient alien" thing, on the other hand, is just a bunch of cheesy New Age nonsense that only got popular in the last 60 years or so. There's no real history to the idea, and it doesn't go back to nearly as deep and primal a place as religion does.
I guess for this atheist: ancient aliens and God are about equal in real life, both works of imagination. But, I'm willing to accept them as elements IN fiction.

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Bold is emphasis, italics is emphasis, CAPITALIZATION is SHOUTING.
CANADA disagrees with you.


I like to use capital letters for emphasis, but I've heard that this practice is not recommended. Should I stop using them?


It is better to avoid typing text all in capitals unless you are emphasizing only a few words.
Here's from Wiki:

ALL CAPS: Only capital letters are used. Capital letters were sometimes used for typographical emphasis in text made on a typewriter. However, long spans of Latin-alphabet text in all upper-case are harder to read because of the absence of the ascenders and descenders found in lower-case letters, which can aid recognition. With the advent of the Internet, all-caps is more often used for emphasis; however, it is considered poor "netiquette" by some to type in all capitals, and said to be tantamount to shouting
Clearly I'm not using ALL caps for every word, I'm using it for emphasis, on specific words. Even your link, Netiquette:

There are caveats and exceptions.
So... back on topic?
Batman does not eat nachos.
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