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Re: Time for a DS9 movie...

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It's true most people don't care about 2nd-age Trek anymore, but those that do would all universally love a DS9 movie.
Unfortunately CBS would never produce a DS9 TV movie for the relatively few people (ratings-wise speaking) that would want to see it.

Heck, I bet if it were possible to get the actors and one or two of the original writers, I'd personally run a Kickstarter to fund it and I bet it'd succeed. All the same people who will watch Star Trek: Renegades would donate.
You mean a kickstarter for a fan-produced DS9 movie, right? Because CBS doesn't need a kickstarter to produce a Trek series or movie.

The other problem is that maybe one or two of the original cast may be interested in doing this. Not everyone. I'm not picking on you personally, but a lot of Trek fans seem to be under the mistaken impression that all these actors are just sitting around waiting to return to the Trek series they starred in twenty years ago. They aren't.
Huh, I didn't think you were picking on me personally until you said you weren't picking on me personally.

Of course they're not sitting around waiting, but I bet those of them who don't have contractual obligations wouldn't say no so long as the offer is the amount they can currently get for a role.

They wouldn't just say "Appear in DS9? POPPYCOCK!" It'd be a contract to negotiate like any other.

And of course it'd never happen. But it would make a whole lot of us happy to see new Trek content designed like TNG/DS9 instead of nuTrek. That's why Star Trek: Renegades exists.
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