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Re: My "Just Saw Insurrection For the First Time" Review.

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relocation of a small village to provide a cure for various diseases would only be regarded as "persecution" or "subjugation" by someone unclear on the meaning of those terms.
To subjugate: "Bring under domination or control, esp. by conquest." Kind of like rounding them up at gunpoint, stuffing them into a box, and herding them about the galaxy like cattle.

To persecute: "Subject (someone) to hostility and ill-treatment, esp. because of their race or political or religious beliefs." Kind of like depriving a group of people a resource its entire philosophy, culture (See: artwork.), and way of life has become dependent on because of some sense of falsely-justified entitlement.

Try harder next time.

And thanks Google for the assist!

sorry, neither definition fits. I don't know what cutting and pasting a five-minute internet definition was supposed to prove, but eminent domain does not equal subjugation or persecution, no matter how many times folks here repeat that it does.

the absolutism on display here really amazes me. Ethics stripped of context is meaningless. The Federation is moving a small village to get at a resource that will improve quality of life for billions, and many here are fixated on the(dubious) property claims of the small village.
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