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Re: Is Primeval New World worth watching?


It's a Canadian production for the "Space" Network.

If you're toward the northern border, you might be able to subscribe.

It's being made by the Sanctuary people including Amanda Tapping, although she's staying behind the camera. So what ever the delay between Sanctuary airing in Canada and the States will probably be the same lag for Primeval.

I've seen all 12 to date.

the early episodes were shit.

The first episode was vomit in a jello mould.

They are ignoring some of the science established in the British definition, which since it's a new world may bnot have actually happened since the time line split in 2006 but the actual drama and tension is not between man vs. Dinosaur but between the Edison/Gates/Jobs-Superman vs the Canadian-Industrial Military SuperComplex... The frakking men in back hook up with the dinosaur hunters, then infest and assimilate until Edison becomes Tessler.

Two words.

Colin Furgeson.

He's not that important this season, but if the show is renewed, it's pretty frakking clear that he's going to be the Canadian Helen Cutter.


Took a while to find it's sea legs, but more than worth the Watch.


Louis Ferreira as a stick up his ass Colonel.

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