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Re: Is Primeval New World worth watching?

I've watched the first five so far. The first wasn't too bad, although Connor didn't serve much point other than to prove there's a connection with the British version. The second and third episodes are the weakest so far, with bad stereotypes in two and ridiculous monsters in three.

Episode four brought to life one of my personal nightmares from the Pleistocene: evolution's effort to reincarnate Allosaurs in the form of birds with Titanis. The guest characters were a little more interesting, and the ensemble finally started to work well together. Along with a bit of a twist at the end that I know is gonna cause trouble.

Episode five is the strongest I've seen in almost the entire Primeval franchise.

The creatures are presented with varying degrees of success. The CGI is a bit uneven, with some creatures represented better than others. Titanis was utterly believable. The biggest problem with them is a consistent problem with Primeval: the animals don't behave like real animals, they behave like monsters. They immediately hop through anomalies into our world, and they arrive with a ravenous appetite for human flesh. In fact, I doubt very few creatures with a brain the size of a lizard or more would get anywhere near an anomaly until it's a well-established part of their domain. And ... shouldn't at least a few of the animals that do stray through be herbivorous?

The biggest let down for me is the cast of young, pretty faces. They're too good looking and too perfect for my tastes. Couldn't we have a couple of older salts as part of the cast? How about a fat person who's perfectly content to mind the store and look out for anomalies? One of the things I liked about Connor and Abbie was that they were young, pretty, woefully inexperienced, and clumsy with their jobs. They grew in time, but in the beginning they caused as much trouble as they fixed. In this show, the producers aren't having any of that ... the young, pretty faces are also wise and smart and quick and athletic and ... oh, please let one or two of them get eaten.

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