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Well, the scores I give are somewhat relative. As in, an 8/10 means that an episode is well above average next to other episodes of the same show. But if you took an 8/10 on Voyager and compared it to an 8/10 on say TNG or DS9, the latter episodes would win out in my favor.

So with that said, most of my complaints about Voyager are due to the high standard its predecessors TNG and DS9 set. It's a fine show, don't get me wrong, it just doesn't have the same complexity, drama, and development that made DS9 and TNG so great.
So, a 8/10 on DS9 & TNG means more than a 8/10 for Voyager, because you like DS9 & TNG more?
That's a pretty bias way to rate & review, don't you think?
I didn't come into this show with any kind of bias. The previous Star Trek shows I watched set a very high standard, so my hope and expectation was that Voyager would measure up. It hasn't, and that is not a result of any bias, but rather a result of some of the poor decision-making by the show runners.
Then I'm sorry to say, I don't find your ratings system makes much sense because it's never reflected that you've been disappointed by the poor decision making on the direction of the characters or the show itself. It seems what you like changes every time you take a break and come back. At one point you were saying how s4-5 were great, you took a break, came back and said you weren't sure you wanted to finish the show because it wasn't good enough for you anymore. Now you're watching it again, now s6-7 are better and now your current favorite. It just seems there's very little consistency
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