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Re: Earth based Trek show

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There is very little SciFi on TV these days.
TV stations seem reluctant to invest in CGI heavy shows that are expensive to produce.

In that climate, I think a more Earth based focus would work well and lower production costs.

What I'm thinking of is a sort of a Federation "West Wing" but with 2 focuses - the Office of the President and Starfleet Command.

We might occasionally see some space based stuff - some incident or battle that kicks off a new storyline or shows the result of another.

The President Office stuff would mostly focus on diplomacy and the Starfleet command thread on operational matters.

Stories would sometimes cross over and intersect, but not always.

Characters though would interact - head of Starfleet briefing the President etc

There would be alien Ambassadors, political campaigns, interaction with media, maybe even a bit of family life of some of the character touched on.

Events on the frontier would often drive the story though we might not see those events.

Not sure about timeframe - maybe between Undiscovered Country and TNG as that seems like an intriguing time line. Relations with the Klingons still being fragile - the Federation still helping to restore Qo'noS (maybe at the expense of existing Federation members), why the Romulans cut off contact with other species (prior to TNG:Neutral Zone), terrorist groups etc etc

I think a series similar to that could
a)be pretty good
b)shed some light on parts of the Star Trek universe we've only ever glimpsed
c) have a realistic chance of being commissioned in today's TV climate

What part of the phrase "Star Trek" do you not understand?
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