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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

DC Unlimited is essentially the retail replacement line for DC Universe Classics. This one will be focusing more on the iconic characters, and mostly in their current New 52 looks. The first wave has Superman, the Flash, and Hawkman. Then the second will have Wonder Woman and a Batman based on the upcoming Injustice video game. Aquaman and Darkseid have been shown for the third wave, along with Injustice versions of Superman and the Joker. There's also a companion line called Batman Unlimited, which will be all about Batman. The Penguin that I posted earlier is from that line. However, since this line is focused on one hero, we're free to get many different an interesting versions. The first wave did have his New 52 look, but the second will include a Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns version, and the Zur-En-Arr version from Batman R.I.P. Then wave three will have the Vampire Batman from Red Rain, and the Damian Wayne version of Robin.

Club Infinite Earths on Matty Collector is for the less iconic characters. It's sort of a best of both worlds solution. Collectors still get the obscure characters from DC that they want, while Matty still gets to cater to parents with a retail line of more iconic characters. The retail line is still 100% collector friendly, though, with the same level of quality that DC Universe Classics had. Kids today, geez. I wish I had superhero figures this good when I was a kid!
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