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Re: Why no Maquis flashbacks?

In a way, they really tried not to do much in the way of flashbacks for either the Starfleeters or the Maquis... but there were some.

Season 2's Dreadnought, as you point out, (One of my favs) is a whole episode based on a maquis mission.

We also hear more about the Maquis's prehistory during the whole Jonas spy/Seska traitor arc in season 2.

Voyager conspiracy in season 4 talks about Seven's interpretation of the initial Maquis foray into the Delta Quadrant.

Extreme Risk in season 5 talks about B'Elanna's depression over the deaths of her Maquis friends.

Season 7's "Repression" at least gives us Tuvok's Maquis flashbacks.

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