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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

If I could afford the price of ordering a second Jocasta I'd happy tear open this package and free both her and the Dooku bust from their factory confines. Sadly, Brian's Toys asks way too much for each one of her to justify multiple purchases, at least until remaining stock gets marked down at some future date.

She was $25 before shipping and handling charges. She's literally the most expensive carded action figure in the history of the Kenner/Hasbro license once you factor in all the charges. She's a gorgeous figure with a tremendous accessory, but until she gets cheaper this is the only one I'm getting.

So no opening!

Very nice Superman and Flash. I've never seen those particular figures before. I'm not up to speed (yes, that's a Flash pun) on the New52 line.
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