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Why no Maquis flashbacks?

Why is it that in the entire history of Voyager, we never once had a flashback to any Maquis operations?

The only reference to anything any character did during their time in the Maquis I can think of is Torres in Dreadnought. But no flashbacks to exchanging fire with a Cardassian ship, or hiding from Federation search parties, or the Cardassian attacks on the Maquis colony.

You can pretty much watch all of Voyager and if you hadn't seen DS9, not know anything about the Maquis except that they were Federation citizens who rebelled.

It seems the writers all seized on one thing about every character and made every episode about that one thing. Every Tuvok episode is about him learning how to control his emotions, or losing his ability to. Every Doctor episode is about being a hologram, every Seven episode is about having been a Borg.

Why does it seem DS9 stole all the good TNG writers and Voyager only got Braga + the leftovers?
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