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Re: The Trek Series Fans Want To See On Blu-ray Next Is...

On a workload that allows two seasons to be remade in HD each year, I'm expecting that work begins on DS9 Season 1, about the same time they're on TNG Season 6. That's assuming CBS Digital are working their way through Star Trek on film stored deep underground at the saltmine, year-by-year.

Maybe out on Blu ray Christmas next year? After that, TNG might be required to drop to a season a year... if they wanted to try and please two parts of the fanbase at once. There might be enough of a crossover between those 24th Century shows for such a strategy to work.

They tried farming the new FX to a different outfit for TNG Season 2, in an effort to presumably speed up the process x2 and what I read, it didn't go down too well with the fans. Apart from one or two serious goofs, like a model shot that vanished before it reached the overscan area, I wasn't that bothered by the softer focus CG apparent in some of the planet surfaces etc. and from my point of view it was fairly in keeping with that whole year. In all probability, one of the later ones like Season 5 too, which always looked a bit misty and vaseline smeared.

The remastering on Season 1 was so good, with sharpness and crisp contrast we've never been able to see before, and recomposited model shots and remade FX to match, it's probably set the benchmark too high... The team responsible going 110% has made them irreplaceable and if fans demand consistency, they have to patient. A few years ago, the hope of seeing any of the 1987-2001 run in High Definition was pretty much NIL. It's easy to suddenly take it all for granted, while the hard work going behind the scenes is almost on a scale of remaking everything from scratch.
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