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Re: Trek Art FAQ - Rough Draft - Review and Commen

First, I find it disturbing that whenever "art" is brought up on a fan site, "art" is seen as equaling the manipulation of photos on a computer. Not that this isn't a legitimate thing to do... but you'd think there was no such thing as actual drawing or painting. I hope to get some Trek drawings done, you know, with pencil and paper, and i hope to get it on this site eventually. An eye problem will make this very hard, though... and I guess I'm wondering if it will be worth doing this to my eyes, if drawing isn't valued much, and everyone just wants to see computer-generated combining of photographs. Maybe there isn't an audience for what I do.

On the nudity question, the only answer I understood at all was "Don't". That was clear. I agree with the person who said nudity is nudity, something like that. I was straining to understand what it meant for nudity to be okay, if it's not "anatomically correct"... five nipples? The naughty bits growing out of the back? Sorry, my eyes are putting me in hell right now from all this typing, and I may sound a bit harsh and unfriendly as a result... sorry.

Nudity is where you see the naughty bits. Period. If these parts are in any way covered or obscured, then it is not nudity in any way. If the definition is vague, then the rules are utterly confusing.

On CG nude images of Trek actors, this seems really tacky, except possibly if done just for oneself. Once you start posting it, in public, then you join the ranks of those guys with X-rated sites who fake nude photos of celebrities. Some actresses are horrified when they find out this has happened to them.

Maybe I'm deluding myself, but I think of it as different if someone does a real, physical drawing of a Trek character, say, nude. It's obviously not "real" since you can see it's a drawing, not a photo. It's also pretty clear when a drawing has been done with art in mind and not just for the sake of showing that character naked.

I'd like to do some of these sometime. I'd be doing them with a sense of dignity, and they wouldn't come across as vulgar or in any way unflattering. I'd like to think that they could be seen someplace, like here.
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