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Re: February/March challenge - Independence

Count Zero wrote: View Post
That bad, huh?
Not at all! In fact, it's an interesting enough idea that it's got me thinking about trying to put something together, for the first time since... well, the ONLY time I've ever submitted anything here, which was about a year ago. The theme coupled with the lack of restriction on length (as that other story showed, confining myself to 10k words or less when writing a story is... just not happening, more often than not ), and the extra long period in which to write something, is enticing.

My main stumbling block is what I mentioned in the thread that followed my story submission back then: I just don't know if I want to take the time to write Trek, as opposed to putting that time and energy into original works. So I'm not sure. I'm assuming that "original or canon characters, alternate universes, short story or lengthy saga, it's up to you" still means "set in some recognizably Star Trek setting", heh.

jespah wrote: View Post
I'm in thinking about it mode. Plus I shovel snow every day now, or so it seems. Perhaps I'll write something that takes place on Andoria.
Now that's writing what you know!

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