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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

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Have you tried some of the Ilum event on your new 50?

Speaking of subscriptions, I think $15/mo or less is justified when taking into account that you would pay the same to dine out once, or see a movie. As someone who enjoys all aspects of the game to some extent, I gladly pay a one-time low sum (compared to buying access to the same amount of content individually as an FTPer) to have nothing handicapping my progress. But maybe it's just having been subbed before FTP that makes me unable to imagine anything less.
Exactly. Even if you only average a 15 hours of month of play time a month, it's still more than worth. I can't imagine many things in the world that offer more entertainment value for $1 an hour.

And let's face it, 15 hours in an entire month isn't very much.
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