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As Therin has pointed out on occasion, the sudden flash floods in parts of the planet as depicted in Andor: Paradigm might be considered the result of continued rapid melting.
Heather Jarman managed an amazing feat with that story. As an Andorian chaser since 1980, I was amazed how many rare touchstones she managed to put in, many by fluke. (The cosmic consciousness at work!) The subterranean scenes in "Paradigm" matched up with numerous fanfic stories over the decades (and the "Starship Exeter" fan film set on Andor) even though Heather was unaware of those. She managed to slip in clothing references that indicated Andorian fashions seen (or barely glimpsed) in TOS, TMP and ENT.

And that flash flood scene in "Paradigm" suddenly became even more amazing when the ENT episode, "The Aenar", showed us so much ice and snow. But yeah, "The Aenar" was set on Andor's north pole, the Aenar themselves had passed into legend and one can imagine that the Andorian equator is heavily populated and perhaps a bit warmer.

DS9 relaunch Andorians were depicted as building subterranean dwellings, which fits nicely with what Enterprise established. The novels hinted that Andorian civilization was built around hot springs, which might explain the preference for heat and humidity while also keeping them adapted for the cold?
Indeed. Not to mention that Paramount's "Planet Hell" set reused the same caves over and over, and TOS had its own well-reused papier-mâché caverns.
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