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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Yeah I suspect if one were to watch these episodes back-to-back-to-back, Rick's breakdown would probably seem a bit more believable.
Even watching the episodes back-to-back sometimes it's still unclear to me how much time has passed.

As I said earlier - Carl's gunshot wounds 1 episode and then by another being seemingly 100% fit didn't make sense in terms of a timeline on the farm.

Another example - it's unclear to me how much time Rick spent in the hospital in a coma and then wakes up versus the timeline of Shane and Lori hooking up - them on the hwy etc.

I'm not a Dr. but even with an iv I wouldn't think even comatose patients couldn't survive without any care for more than a week.

So if that's true we are lead to believe Shane and Lori hooked up days after she thought Rick was dead - they go to the Hwy - Rick wakes up - and eventually within less than 3 weeks they all meet up again?

But the above isn't the impression the viewer is left with - at least the impression I got. I thought Rick was in a coma for a long time - perhaps a month [even though that isn't medically possible for him to survive that long] and then things move forward.
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