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Re: No attempt to clone The Big Bang Theory yet?

I think that a measure of success may be in re-purposing this show from the point of view of a handful of nerdy girls. There's a certain mystique in nerd girls/geek girls that might have some potential for a series to either compete with or add to the TBBT universe.

Who knows? Maybe there will be a Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler spinoff. But the series shouldn't last too much longer... the ideas are starting to tread water. The Howard in Space storyline was kind of exhausting.

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Let's 2.5 Men this:
The plot revolved around [Alan] being spoiled by [Charlie/Ashton] regarding a plot point in a Harry Potter book (not nerdy in the slightest). In response, he decides to move out, into [current whats-her-face]'s apartment. This opens up the door for [current slut] to move in to [Charlie/Ashton's house]. Ultimately, the issue is resolved by [what's-her-face] and [Charlie/Ashton]'s mutual desire to not live with their S.O., and status quo being returned. A subplot involves [Jake] being forced to spend the weekend with [Charlie's mother], who smothers him much to his discontent. [I dunno, some minor characters, maybe Judith and Herb] attend a retreat for [Judith/Herb's] company and attempt to have Cirque Du Soleil sex.
I thought I had a general grasp of the characters of 2.5 Men but I admit I don't know Judith or Herb. Anyway, nice plot reformatting.
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