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Survivor 26: Fans vs Favorites Discussion

And so the clouds parted and Jeff Probst came floating down from the sky with a gift for all of mankind. That gift is another season of Survivor. Yay.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you your cast for Survivor's latest incarnation:

So we have a few interesting returnees.....whoah, yup, Phillip is still wearing his colorful ginch......but a couple of no namers that didn't really stand out in their respective seasons. I'm excited to see how annoying Cochrane will be, if Brandon will actually kill a woman, if Malcolm can put together another solid season, if Brenda has a nip slip while dominating the field and if Erik commits some sort of Survivor ritual suicide after pulling off the most boneheaded move in Survivor history by giving up his immunity in his last go round.

I think in the last Fans vs Favorites the Fans got absolutely dominated. Last season was really good I thought, so hopefully this one carries the momentum.

Trekbbs ready..........go!
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