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Which Sci-Fi shows have aged the best?

The thread about which TV shows did you watch that likely few other did any my answer about Space 1999 got me thinking about a good topic. Which of some of the older sci-fi has aged the best and which not so much?

i don't think TNG in Trek has aged well. The mauve carpets and some of the earlier episodes and the effects look cheesy today. Whereas I think DS9 has aged very well.

Older than that, Space 1999 hasn't aged well and Buck Rogers another 1980's classic Sci-fi hasn't aged well either.

The original BSG - some episodes are OK - and some haven't aged well IMO

Older than that - I think the unaired pilot of Lost in Space generally has aged well but many of the color episodes now look absurd.

Your thoughts about older sci-fi?
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