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Re: Do you have a fav scene?

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Oh without a f**king doubt, my favorite scene is from "Prey" but I can't decide whether it's the scene between Seven and Janeway in her ready room or the scene at the end

SEVEN: Yes. It is puzzling.
JANEWAY: What's that?
SEVEN: You made me into an individual. You encouraged me to stop thinking like a member of the Collective, to cultivate my independence and my humanity, but when I try to assert that independence I am punished.
JANEWAY: Individuality has its limits, especially on a Starship where there's a command structure.
SEVEN: I believe that you are punishing me because I do not think the way you do, because I am not becoming more like you. You claim to respect my individuality, but in fact you are frightened by it.
JANEWAY: As you were.

The first time I watched that I remember shouting "BAM! TAKE THAT BITCH!" pretty loudly, watching season 4 was just a fantastic experience, Seven truly was a huge breath of fresh air to a stale show.
LOL, I don't know a mother in the whole world that hasn't had that conversation with her teenager.
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