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the music on the Edge of Forever

I have posted a rare video I have edited I am calling, "The Music Cues on the Edge of Forever". This video is from an early VHS release, an "alternate universe" music score from "City on the Edge of Forever". Paramount refused to pay the royalties for the 1931 song, "Goodnight, Sweetheart", and created a substitute score for the area. Later, they capitulated and obtained rights to the original music for home video. These are the excerpts from the "alternate universe" version. No other score changes were made except those presented here.

What I find particularly interesting is the sloppiness of the mixing and transitions. Obviously they went back to the original mix "stems", separating dialogue, fx, and music. The transition from the star-gazing scene with Kirk and Keeler to Spock in the bedroom with his tricorder setup is particularly rough as an audio transition -- it has become an abrupt cut. It's as if they were too lazy to get the separate elements for the Spock-with-tubes scene because it was too much trouble to remix that scene as well. For Paramount to even consider tampering with their Hugo-award-winning masterpiece is unconscionable.

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