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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

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Tonight on CBS Action here in the UK I watched the episode where Kirk loses his memory and marries a primitive woman while the Enterprise is left to attack an asteroid on course for the planet and the Asteroid part looked great on my HD TV, the final shot from the planet's defences could've been more dynamic though, perhaps even blowed the damn thing up.
Funny thing about the TOS-R version of that final shot -- In the episode itself Mirimani comment that the Medicine Man makes a 'blue flame' shoot out from the Obelisk -- and in the original version of the episode; it is a blue beam that shoots out.

In the TOS-R version, the beam is red -- thus it looks like the CGI group didn't really watch the episode or refer to the script and someone just thought: "They used blue beams a lot -- lets make this red."
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