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Re: Why do so many people rag on "Dear doctor"

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Lets be honest, the Valakians kept a stranglehold on any arable land, and wouldnt let the Menk own any.

Thus forcing them into perpetual dependency.

But one possible solution?

BUY a continent, with the cure, as a refuge for the Menk, so they can "Grow according to their own strenghs" or what have you.

just an idea that I noticed, first time I saw the episode.

Anything wrong with that?
Well, yeah.

You dump them on a continent with no medical treatment, no food and no infrastructure when they're use to living a certain lifestyle. It'd be like throwing modern man into the stone age and telling him to sink or swim.

Disease, hunger and infighting would quickly follow.

Plus, is Starfleet going to babysit to make sure no one breaks the agreement?
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