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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

A Day in the Strife - The Narn rep is annoying. That said, Londo's talk with him was pretty dark for Londo. It sucks that Vir left. He's one of the few centauri on the show who is actually a nice, decent guy. Londo is awesome (he's probably my favorite character on B5), and I think he's a good guy when you get right down to it, but he can be an ass, and super arrogant. Vir was a good match for Londo, kind of reminding Londo of his conscience sometimes (wether Londo wanted to be reminded or not). The doctor and his stim problem isn't surprising (although I'm not sure if it will become a big think, its not even brought up in the next episode). Although, his big burst of anger (supposedly from the stims) seemed pretty justified, with the earth doctors not wanting to get vital information from a guy because he was on vacation, risking 250,000 lives so that the guy can relax uninterrupted . From what I saw, I'm assuming that the Narn guard Ta'Lon is the guy Sheridan met when he was captured. It was iinteresting that he showed up again. The Narn rep is obviously a puppet for the centauri, trying to get G'Kar to return with threats. I like how the Narn got G'Kar to stay. The probe was interesting. I wonder if the race that made it will ever be revealed. Overall, this was a good episode.

Passing Through Gethseman - Coming into this episode, the summary made me think that it would just be ok. It turned out to be a great episode. Lyta's obsession with the vorlons is making her sound like a stalker The monks are interesting. I'm glad that they've more appearances than just the episode where they were introduced. I liked Garibaldi's response to Delenn over the whole eye for an eye thing.

Garibaldi: I'm an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth kind of guy.

Delenn: So, you want everyone to be eyeless and toothless?

Garibaldi: Not everyone, only the bad guys.

Its probably the best response to the anti-eye for an eye argument that I've heard. The whole story of the monk who had previously been a killer was great. The death of personality thing has been brought up before, and this was an interesting look into it. His flashbacks were done well, and the actor did a great job in the role. I liked that some of the thingshe was seeing weren't actually delusions, people were actually writing stuff on the walls and playing sounds to mess with him. That was an interesting twist on how stuff like this is usually done. The ending was really good (although having Edward's murderer join the monks is a bit much). I really enjoyed this episode. It may not have had too much to do with the overall plot, but it was very good.
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