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I really love my (main) job.

Largely because I was able to identify a niche within my field (medicine, psychiatry to be specific) that lets me pretty much pick & choose when I work, pays very well in terms of an equivalent hourly rate, and most of all because I get to do what I think I do best, and certainly what I enjoy doing the most.

Stripping away the jargon, I get to go into unusual/interesting (and occasionally tense/dangerous) situations, engage with people to build a swift rapport, figure out what I need to know to contain the situation & get the answers I need, and have to formulate a decisive & safe plan with colleagues, and communicate outcomes effectively. I get to interface with a massive cross-section of the general public, various emergency services and sometimes the legal profession, and it's always intriguing because of the mental agility/flexibiilty required.

Perhaps most crucially to my enjoyment, I then get to pass on the nitty-gritty of actually implementing the plan to someone else and don't need to deal with the long-term caseloads and mountains of bureaucracy that my more typically-employed colleagues do.

It's not a job for everyone, though. Some colleagues prefer working with clients over a longer period of time, or want more predictable hours and a steady salary instead of self-employment. They find what I do precarious, inconvenient or just plain unsatisfying. The funny thing is, I would hate to do their job; I'd find it frustrating, tiresome, dull, inefficient and overly time-consuming. That's part of the reason I left that career path a couple of years ago and struck out on my own. And without false modesty, I don't believe many of my more mainstream colleagues could do what I do as well (read: efficiently/effectively) as me. Some of that is practice, some is innate aptitude for the role. Certainly, for my mindset/skillset, it's absolutely perfect.

I think the above all highlights the vital importance of identifying what you as an individual do best at, and pursuing that and not going down routes that don't play to your personal strengths & likes. And keep your eyes open for niches you can move into that better utilise them.

I have a few side interests which have also developed into minor income streams over the years, with potential to develop them further. I do generally enjoy them too, but not as much as my main job.
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