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Re: Episode of the week: 2x03 "Elementary, Dear Data

To some degree I think it's a great shame that the original ending wasn't carried through, as it would have nailed down the old issue about matter being able to leave the holodeck, as well as giving us a more satisfactory ending IMO. To me the episode moves at a cracking pace, but that ending just feels... unsatisfying, for some reason. And on another level it is a rehash of "The Big Goodbye", though possibly "Elementary, Dear Data" is the more polished of the two productions.

Fandom tends to try and nail Doctor Pulaski to a tree for her supposed 'mistreatment' of Data, but this is really the last time she does talk him down, isn't it? It seems to me the whole point of this script is Data and Pulaski coming to something of an accord, 'getting to know each other' as it were, and that after this they're sweet with each other. Diana Muldaur looks fantastic in that nineteenth century costume as well (they all look great in those costumes, but that dress really does suit the actress).
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