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Re: Photobucket beta gripe

B.J. wrote: View Post
So, I noticed last night that you can no longer link to newly uploaded images that are larger than 1024 pixels. There used to be a setting where you could either have it resize a large image or keep the large image as long as it was less than 1Mb, but no longer. Apparently the large image is still there for the uploader, but you can't link to it.

This is a deal breaker for me. Anyone know what other options there are, and their limitations?
I switched over to last week, where you can have it automatically resize before you upload. The bandwidth and storage are also unlimited, whereas PhotoBucket has once again cut their storage and bandwidth allowances.

The only limitation I see on ImageShack is that once you upload a picture, you can't really edit it there. Otherwise, ImageShack is leaps and bounds beyond Photobucket.
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