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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Can someone please kill Carl? He's annoying and I want to see Rick get even more crazy, then someone can put a bullet in his brain, Tyrese takes over as leader, they find Daryl and he rejoins the group. Oh, and get rid of Andrea and Michonne (both great character in the comics that suck on the show) in the season finale, thank you show!
Really? I found Carl annoying in the first two seasons but this season he's aligning more with the Carl from the comics.

I'm glad this show is back. I liked the episode, loved Daryl grabbing the crossbow and Tyreese and Sasha grabbing the tools. Although part of me would liked to have seen the two guys take on Carl

It does suck that Daryl left but it's understandable.

The people in Woodbury are annoying. Are they really that sheltered that they want to go outside? I know Rick etc think they're outnumbered but it's only a handful they have to worry about.

I agree with above posters who are frustrated with Michionne's character. I like mysterious characters when there's a good reason for it, but you'd think they could actually write a conversation for her.

Andrea seemed a bit more normal this episode. At least she was angry that the Governor kept the truth from her.
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