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Re: The 11-foot TOS Enterprise model-

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Interesting concept, but since a spacedock was never depicted in the original series, how would we know whatever was built for the exhibit would be "accurate" to TOS?

I'm guessing you mean a miniature replicating the one we saw in the first motion picture. And "in story", it seems reasonable that platform was already there when the Big "E" concluded her 5 year mission. But considering it from the perspective of the production crew for the series, that thing is far too detailed for what the effects department could have constructed in the late 60s for television.

I remember a painting that was printed in an early issue of StarLog, some time before TMP debuted. I think it was meant for the aborted "Phase II" project. It depicted the Enterprise still in her "series" configuration floating within a rather different dock. The frame used a series of girders that resembled that "tri-rung" ladder we saw at a corridor intersection. Was that drawn by Matt Jeffereies or Mike Minor? If either of those people, who both worked on the original series, drew that design, I'd say that might "meld" better with the Jefferies/Datun miniature.

Then again, I think some people might not like having the "Gray Lady" partially obscured by a some sort of frame.


That concept art was Mike Minor's. There was a drydock built for P2 along those lines, discarded pre-TMP, but not looking graceful AT ALL (pics are in the PHASE 2 book), big ugly 20thcentury thrusters on it.

Probert's notion for the TMP drydock was that it could be a century old, that the Enterprise was supposed to seem new and shiny by comparison. Not sure if it comes across that way fully, but the paint color somehow makes it seem old to me.

I suppose if we really wanted to stir up trouble,we'd have the 11'2" mounted in a half-shell cutaway of one of Franz Joseph's big dock spheres from the STARFLEET TECHNICAL MANUAL.
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