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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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The difficulty in writing DC characters is not that they're too goofy, but that they're too strong.

Superman's power is to do anything that the plot requires, essentially. Writer are fond of pulling new powers out of their assess. But even if you limit him to the basics of flight super-speed, super-strength, and invulnerability, you can't challenge him.
Thor has the power of a god. The Hulk has no upper limit on his physical strength.

Green Lantern can literally do anything, limited only by his willpower and imagination.
Much the same is true of Dr. Strange.

When it comes to superpowers and basic character types, DC and Marvel have been drawing from pretty much the same well for decades. There's not that great a distinction in that respect. The key difference is in the personalities. Marvel characters -- at least in the Stan Lee era -- tend to have more human fallibility, more personal hangups, more vulnerabilities built into their natures. Captain America is the ultimate clean-cut hero, but he's a man out of time struggling to adjust. The Hulk has unlimited power but no control, making him potentially as much villain as hero. Iron Man has unlimited technology, but would die without it. The X-Men can save the world, but that world finds their very existence threatening or intolerable. And so on. What makes Marvel's characters distinct from DC's is that their Achilles heels aren't a radioactive rock or a particular color of the spectrum, but are either personal hangups or intrinsic downsides of the very things that make them heroes.

So it's not about how strong the characters are or what their powers are like. It's about how they're portrayed as people, how fallible and relatable they are. No matter how much power they have, the key is to find a way to challenge them on a personal level, an emotional level.
This is why i prefer Marvel to DC.. Marvel's characters are for the most part more interesting in their flaws (granted.. i have only superficial knowledge about DC heroes apart from Superman and Batman).

However Marvel is not above releasing crap or questionable actions.. i'm reminded especially of fan favorite Wolverine who comes back from any wound possible. He's literally been torn in half by the Hulk or burnt down to his skeleton only taking him a few panels to be fully healed up again

Apart from that Marvel and DC are quite similar.. they even have similar powersets for many characters (Quicksilver/Flash, Hawkeye/Green Arrow etc) so it just comes down to background and personal preference.

Moviewise Marvel has clearly the upper hand.. almost anything DC does now including building up their universe with stand alones leading to a JL movie would just reek of copying their archrival however they can't just do Superman and Batman movies infinitely.. at some point the formula would just wear off.

However they really need to get lucky one day and have the kickstarter movie for their universe.. Green Lantern failed to do it and Nolan's Batman was for all intents and purposes removed from the main universe. Marvel got lucky with a set of stand alone popular movies until they hit paydirt with Iron Man.

I can only with luck to DC to pull that off too.. i'd like to see some really good DC movies and am very much looking forward to see the new Superman.
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