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Re: Earth based Trek show

Can't see how familes look forward to gathering together to watch contrived doom and agression in their back yard each week.
Families don't watch TV together anymore. TV is now made up of a bunch of different audiences who all expect different things. The CBS audience vs CW vs FX vs HBO, etc. The grownups have their TV in one room and the kids used to have a TV in their bedroom but now they probably use their iPhone etc.

So wherever the show ends up, it needs to suit the audience there. If it's on the CW, that's very different from Showtime and the approach would also be different.

Of all the options, CBS teaming with a streaming service would result in a series most like what we're used to, because then the idea would be to appeal to Trekkies, and/or new fans who iike Abrams' movies, enough to get them to subscribe to that service.

CBS is co-funding Under the Dome (a sci fi premise that would probably not get survival-level ratings on CBS if that were the only place its shown) by selling streaming rights to Amazon. They could do the same with Star Trek, and I'd imagine that could spark a nice little bidding war between Amazon and Netflix, given the power of that brand name.
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