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Re: La-La Land Records to release 4-disc DS9 soundtrack set!

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Both of which are taken from the Star Trek: Generations score. McCarthy was sometimes shameless when it came to reusing his music.
The music they took from Generations sounds like it's the same recording and everything. I know they're working with a smaller group of musicians for the show, so I suppose there's no need to re-record the music if you're going to re-use it verbatim.
It isn't the exact same piece of music, no. It's entirely similar though, and obviously McCarthy re-used the Generations action theme from 'The Crash', but even his Generations score has a climax to that scene that very obviously apes his score for "All Good Things..."

And it's not like McCarthy is the first composer to do this. Listen to James Horner's scores, he does it all the time too. Battle Beyond the Stars and Aliens sound just like Wrath of Khan in places. Titanic and Avatar are eerily similar. Hans Zimmer's music all sounds the same.

I'm not getting why it's such a big deal that McCarthy, who wrote music for Trek for 18 years, quoted himself in some of his work.

My question is -- When they re-use music from other movies/shows, is that the composer's choice? Or is that the choice of the music editor? Or even the producers/director? Not that it really matters, but I'm just curious.
It depends, certainly. For 'These Are The Voyages...', Mike Sussman suggested the mini montage at the end of the episode, which McCarthy then used to quote Jerry Goldsmith's TMP theme (ostensibly, at the time, to evoke the TNG theme.) That could easily have been a directive from Rick Berman or it could have been McCarthy's choice.

I've written about the music composing process for weekly television dramas here before but I don't have time to go searching for it, but usually, if you've got a showrunner who is hands-on with the music of the series, he or she will invariably direct what gets used and what an individual episode's overall "sound" will be.

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