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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

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Yes, the hardcore fan will want to know what's coming up a year from now, but the casual viewer would only be confused by announcements about Doctor Who a year-plus out.
That's pretty damn insulting.

Plus they've announced new series of Call The Midwife & Death In Paradise before their current series have finished. You're not suggesting their audience is more intelligent than the average Doctor Who viewer?
"Before their current Series is finished" is kinda different from "2 months before the current Series has even started"

Yes, it is Too much information for the average viewer to be hearing about next year, when this year hasn't even started yet.

8 episodes Series 7B April - 8 weeks after premiere
Anniversary Special
Anniversary DocuDramatization
Christmas Special

That's quite a bit of information for the average viewer to hold onto/keep track of. They don't build their life around the program, or tick off days on the calendar waiting for it, they're just happy to tune in to it when it comes around
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