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Re: More Star Wars films announced

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I'd never call Boba Fett a "punk," but yeah his supposed demise at the hands of a half-blind man holding a long metal pole was probably the least satisfying death in all of modern sci-fi/fantasy, and that includes Tasha Yar being whacked by a talking oil slick and James T. Kirk being flattened and croaking under a metal bridge.
Yeah, Fett probably deserved better, but his death was still part of a very fun and exciting action sequence so I've always been kinda okay with it.

And we at least DID get to see him use some of his cool weaponry, so it's not like he didn't put up any kind of fight at all.

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Palpatine's death was remarkably satisfying. Dying at the hands of your own apprentice, the man he repeatedly lied to about his wife's death? The guy he manipulated and twisted ever since he was a boy and helped turn into one of the galaxy's great monsters?
I always USED to think so, but now, after all the screentime he got in the prequels, and after that huge, epic battle he had with Yoda in ROTS where he was throwing giant podiums around with the Force, his death in ROTJ now seems kind of... quick and anticlimactic to me.

I realize this is many years later, but you'd still think he'd be able to put up more of a fight against Vader than THAT, considering what we've seen him do with the Force before.
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