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Re: Utopia (Channel 4) last night

I tivo'd this so a bit late to the party, seen the first four episodes now. I have to say I find it interesting, but can't imagine it's something I'd want to go back to. I watch a lot of stuff that has violence in it, but Utopia has a nasty streak in it that puts me off (luckily this is counter-weighted by enough good stuff to keep me watching) In particular there is an awful lot of violence towards children, now I don't have a major issue with that because horrible things happen to adults and children all the time, but in the case of Utopia the violence almost seems to be one of its USPs and it almost seems to be going out of its way to be shocking which is often counter productive. I mean in the last one when

I'm probably implying I hate it, which isn't the case at all
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