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Re: Philip Dick's Man in the High Castle coming to Syfy

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This looks right up my alley. I haven't read the novel, but I'm putting it on my "to read" list.
Its considered a classic. That said, and as an alt-hist reader, I found it "meh" at best. There are better stories out there. The Coming of the Quantum Cats springs to mind, as does Alternities and the work of Paul McAuley.

As for Skiffy doing a mini-series from MITHC, well, its Skiffy

Thanks for the advice. I love reading historical fiction, and figured this could be my gateway to alternate history fiction. I'll still read it, but I'll keep that in mind. There was a really cool movie based on a book that looked at Germany having won and the world that it ended up being. It was Fatherland.
Fatherland was good. However, too often in alt hist the author takes a trite Common History point to work from. Hitler wins WW2, the Confederates won the Civil War, etc.
I've found that using a less expected jump off point makes for good reading.

Ruled Britannia - Harry Turtledove, in which Shakespeare foments rebellion against the Spanish conquerors of England

1901- Robert Conroy, in which the Kaiser invades New England

Down In the Bottom Lands-Turtledove again, in a world where the Med drained of all water (novella) centuries ago

The "Alternative" collections -(ed.) Mike Resnick, Alternative Warriors, Alternative Kennedys, Alternative Presidents, Alternative Outlaws, which are great and some times even goofy short stories about (mostly) famous people in other roles in life

The Peshawar Lancers- S. M. Stirling, in which a giant asteroid plunges Victorian England into nuclear winter

Then again, some of the most fun in alternate Universe writing doesn't focus so much on history as the possibilities of the multiverse and traveling therein.

Cowboy Angels-Paul McAuley, where the CIA works to remake the altAmericas they find into mirror copies of our own

The Coming of the Quantum Cats- Frederick Pohl, where a number of alternate Earths end up at war with each other

Alternities- Michael P. Kube-Mcdowell , in which one Earth secretly preys upon others for resources and wealth

All These Earths- F. M. Busby, in which an interstellar pioneer returns home to find his star drive skips him to alternate universes-and he just wants to go home

Replay- Ken Grimwood, in which a dying 43 yr old finds himself back in his own body in 1962-with all of his memories intact. So he decides to change things...

The Guns of the South-Turtledove again. In which General Lee is given AK-47s to win the Civil War. Considered a classic by Turtledove, btw.


Anyway, those are just a few suggestions.
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